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Corporations are increasingly relying on in-house teams to create engaging video content for marketing, training, and more. But your in-house team might lack a storage infrastructure that can meet the particular demands of video production workflows. Quantum storage solutions offer the performance and collaborative capabilities to support end-to-end corporate video workflows while giving you the scalability and flexibility to satisfy changing business requirements.

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Tap into robust performance to accelerate post-production workflows. Quantum Xcellis® workflow storage and F-Series NVMe storage can provide exceptional performance for working with multiple streams of high-resolution video. StorNext® lets your team access and work with centralized files rapidly, even if team members are spread across multiple offices.


Gain the flexibility to accommodate the way your in-house team works best. StorNext supports a full range of operating systems and post-production applications so team members can use what they know. Seamless integration with leading media asset management (MAM) systems lets you enhance efficiency and implement your preferred workflows.


Expand your storage environment easily to support a growing number of projects and the larger file sizes of higher-resolution media. With StorNext, you can start small and scale up seamlessly to very large-capacity environments with zero downtime.

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