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How can you keep pace with skyrocketing demand for animation and visual effects (VFX) content? Your team must work together to deliver an increasing number of shots in high-resolution formats, whether your artists share an office or are spread across the globe. Quantum storage solutions help you address these requirements through seamless integration with leading animation and VFX tools—giving your team the tools to maximize productivity and meet the tightest deadlines.

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Boost productivity by providing lightning-fast storage performance—without excessive costs. Quantum Xcellis® high-performance workflow storage can provide a responsive user experience even when working with large files. F-Series NVMe storage can maximize the performance benefits of flash without the high costs of previous-generation systems.


Expand to billions of files and petabytes of data to support even your largest projects. With the StorNext® platform, you can start small, then scale performance and capacity independently. No matter how large your environment becomes, your team will always have fast access to the content they need.


Facilitate collaboration among artists, wherever they’re located. StorNext provides a single-namespace environment for centralized media creation and distribution on a global level. Support for a wide range of client systems and applications enables your artists to work the way they want.

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