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Numerous camera sources, ultra-high-definition media, multiple delivery options, and tight turnaround times make sports video production incredibly challenging. You need a storage environment that lets you enhance the efficiency of workflows and facilitate seamless collaboration while supporting fast-growing volumes of content. Quantum storage solutions can give you the performance and collaborative capabilities required for demanding sports video production workflows. Integrated archives and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enable you to store vast amounts of footage and easily find what you need when you’re creating highlight reels, training footage, or exciting fan content.

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Integrated Archives

Take advantage of archive integration with your production environment to preserve dozens of seasons worth of sports content. StorNext's automated, policy-based data movement capabilities help you seamlessly shift content to your archive tier. A single namespace for all tiers facilitates easy retrieval.


Give your team fast, simultaneous shared access to content without fear of slowdowns or dropped frames. The StorNext® platform provides multi-user accessibility and transparent visibility, allowing users to work with any sports video content from any location.


Capitalize on the latest Artificial Intelligence engines to enhance efficiency and optimize the value of your stored content. AI-generated metadata lets you find the clips you need quickly and re-monetize archived content, no matter how large your repository grows.

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