Collaborate Like Never Before

Create, collaborate, and share ideas more easily than ever before using voice, video, and instant messaging solutions from Mitel’s collaboration suite.


Connect faster, communicate smarter, and collaborate more effectively -- even across blended environments. MiCollab has everything you need to bring people and ideas together.

MiTeam Collaboration

Wish you could have all your communications and collaboration apps in one place on any device? MiTeam Collaboration makes you a collaboration pro, wherever you go.

MiTeam Meetings

Can't get everyone in the same room? Meet them in the cloud with MiTeam Meetings. It's voice, video, chat, and more from a single app that sits in the cloud--for the best seat in the room, everytime.

Third Party Integrations

Turbocharge your MS Teams with Mitel's Telephony Only client and Mitel Assistant combination solution and get powerful softphone client features seamlessly integrated for a richer user experience.

Create Meetings That Exceed the Ordinary

Whether you’re teaching colleagues or just touching base, meetings are better with MiTeam Meetings easy-to-use collaboration tools.

Collaborate Better Together

If you’re using MS Teams, get more use out of it with robust telephony features from Mitel’s Telephony Only client and take collaboration to the next level.

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