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Mitel has your business covered with a broad range of products: SIP/IP phones, digital cordless (DECT) phones, Wi-Fi handsets, conference phones, accessories, and more.

6900 IP Phone Series

Designed for today's modern work style, Mitel's SIP-based 6900 Series phones are the perfect choice for office and remote workers.


Customize your phone the way you want for the way you work. Mitel's broad array of IP phone accessories give you unmatched versatility.

Digital Cordless (DECT) Solutions

Take your phone with you, anywhere in the office, with Mitel DECT phones featuring IP/SIP technology for clear performance and security.

Conference Phones

Make meetings easier and more efficient with Mitel conference phones. Featuring the latest audio technology, Mitel conference phones bring people together.

The Perfect Desktop Companion

We don’t just make phones, we make them better than anyone else, with more choices and decades of industrial design knowledge built into every phone.

Accessorize and Find Your Voice

Whether you work at home, in the office, or in the boardroom, Mitel has the accessories you need to make your phone your own, with integrated add-ons and always-clear connections.

Go Wireless with Confidence

Mitel DECT phones have you covered wherever you are — in your office, on the production floor, in the warehouse, at home, or on the road — with quality you can count on and security you can trust.

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