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Cloud Computing

Store, manage, and process data on the cloud with mission-critical computing that supports IT management needs.

Printing and Imaging

Deliver files with high-end printers and imaging tools with exceptional speed and accuracy.

Security and Backup

Protect, restore, and save data with security and backup solutions that guarantees business continuity and data integrity.


Experience top-class communication solutions that deliver the best quality and performance.

Our Services



We assist your business with a concrete plan, logical design, wise implementation, and necessary support to make sure that your next project is on time.

3D Printing

WSI 3D Print and Design Hub offer viable products and services to meet your 3D printing expectations.
Parts & Repair

Parts & Repair

WSI and its partners offer unlimited after-sale support, committed to every maintenance agreement, and are generous in giving discounts for all repair charges.

Microsoft Cloud

We maximize your technological investments by making sure that managing your business and ensuring smooth operations are within reach.

Industries We Serve

Industry by providing IT solutions in helping the banking and finance printing, endpoint, data protection, cloud computing, and data management.

Dissecting the needs of the educational sector and consequently administer appropriate IT solutions for its blended and multimedia learning, modernization of

educational process, and storing classified data.

Government works sufficiently with the continuous support of suitable IT products and professional services, especially for operational efficiency, securing documents, and compliance, to earn public trust.

HealthWe provide IT innovations in data security, uninterruptible power supply, AI-powered solutions, telehealth support, and efficient software to protect confidential data.

Media and EntertainmentSupplying professionals in the media and entertainment industry with cutting-edge IT technologies to improve graphic and sound quality and securely store their artistic works.

ManufacturingDistributing advance hardware and systematic software solutions that enhance industrial automation, eliminate downtime, maximize productivity, for an accurate documentation and effective business management.

SoftwareEquipping the industry with helpful but simplified software, from designing and virtualization, server automation, cloud computing, digital transformation, hybrid IT, and cybersecurity, to intelligent data management for everybody’s day-to-day operations.

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