Printers that Can Withstand Up to 40°C

In this lengthy hot dry season in Paris 2018, Printronix LLC is reminding a wide range of manufacturing and industrial businesses that its line matrix industrial printers can stand up to temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F). But gadgets like laser printers are phenomenally delicate to wetness and endpoints in temperatures, in many cases making them jam or cease to work as efficiently anymore.   

Xavier Nicolaï, marketing manager of Printronix EMEA said: “All of Europe is experiencing an unprecedented period of hot, dry weather that would test even the most robust of machinery.”  

“Printronix line matrix printers are designed to operate in harsh manufacturing and warehouse environments, withstanding humidity, extreme temperatures, dust, and dirt. Our printers provide mission critical solutions for the automotive, manufacturing, food and drink, retail distribution, and transport and logistics industries. When the heat is on, our devices help ensure production lines stay up and running thus avoiding costly downtime and production disruptions,” implied by the marketing manager.  

Line Matrix Printer

Other print improvements like laser can be inclined to rash breakdowns, paper jams, and print quality issues arose when acquainted with highest limits of temperature, dampness and dusty circumstances. What further creates line matrix printers arranged to act in referencing conditions are their ordinary headway of dealt with energy utilizing strong magnets, their respectable contraptions and their metal designs and builds. Line matrix is a very energy conservative equipment: it consumes just one third of the energy a laser printer would use during printing. Similarly, line matrix printers ooze no heat or ozone while printing so they won’t further raise the wrapping temperature in the climate or in the industrial or manufacturing workplaces.   

“In this sort of heat at work, the last thing you want to be sweating about is whether your printer will cope,” says Xavier. “Our line matrix devices deliver unparalleled uptime reliability and were designed for heavy usage and high print volumes.” 

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