What’s new in Microsoft Teams iOS

September 2023

Leave Teams out of your device call logs

Choose to keep Teams calls and meetings from showing in your device’s call logs. Just go to Settings Calling in the Teams mobile app. Then, turn the Show Teams calls in call log toggle off.

July 2023

Search for more in Teams mobile

Teams mobile search enhancements make it easier to find what you’re looking for. See more, better search suggestions, or focus search results on a specific person by searching their name, followed by a keyword (i.e., searching “Lisa okr”). You can also see external people in your search results.

Quickly navigate to a message from search results

Select a message from your Teams mobile search results to go directly to that message location in the chat.

Make calls through Teams speed dial and call history on Apple CarPlay

Easily call your speed dial contacts or start a call from your recent calls on Teams using Apple CarPlay.

June 2023

Attach files in chats and channels

Use your mobile device to upload files from your device, Teams Files tab, or OneDrive into Teams chat and channels. To learn more, see Share files in Microsoft Teams

May 2023

Improved meeting sharing

Now, when you get a share link to a meeting, the recipient won’t get a long URL. Instead they’ll see details about the meeting and have an easier time skimming the info on how to join the meeting.

Dashboard for Chat 

See more details and easily find information in the newly designed chat dashboard.

April 2023

Attach cloud files to chats and channels 

Upload and attach OneDrive files to chats and channels on the Teams mobile app.  

March 2023

Join meetings from Apple CarPlay

Open and join a meeting from the new Teams calendar view on Apple CarPlay on your iPhone. 

Save time with text predictions for mobile 

When you’re typing a message in your Teams mobile app, Editor Text Predictions anticipates your writing and suggests a word or phrase you might use next. 

February 2023

Multitask with Picture in Picture mode 

See your Teams meeting window when you navigate away from the app during a meeting with the new Picture in Picture mode for iOS. Use your fingers to change the meeting window size and move it to different locations on your screen.  

Get everyone’s attention in chat

Type @Everyone in chat and it will notify everyone the same way it would if you @mentioned each person by name.

Use the Parent app in Teams

Educators can now take virtual meetings with parents and guardians via the Parents app in Teams.

Delete a chat from your list

From your chat list, swipe left on a chat and select More > Delete. This will delete the chat and thread history from your Teams and remove you from the chat. Everyone else will still have access to the chat.

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