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What’s new in Microsoft Teams Android

August 2023

Live translated captions in Teams

Now you can specify your spoken language during meetings for more accurate captions and transcripts. You can also choose translated captions for a more inclusive meeting experience. To learn more, see Use live captions in a Teams meeting.

June 2023

Add your Android device to ongoing meetings

Add your Android device to an ongoing meeting, making it easy to chat, react, share, and more.

March 2023

Keyboard shortcuts on tablets

When you connect a keyboard to your Android tablet, you can use basic keyboard shortcuts in Teams. 

February 2023

Get everyone’s attention in chat

Type @Everyone in chat and it will notify everyone the same way it would if you @mentioned each person by name.

December 2022

Real-time interpretation in meetings

Live audio interpretation lets interpreters translate what the speaker says into another language in real time without disrupting the speaker. Another tool to empower you to run more inclusive meetings, where participants who may not speak the same language can fully collaborate with each other. 

Transcription for meetings

Get a record of what was discussed in the meeting by turning on transcriptions at the beginning of your meetings. Select More  Microsoft Teams more options icon > Start transcription.

Teams keeps getting better

We’ve made some improvements to the app so it opens faster.

Get attendance reports for meetings and webinars 

You can now check the attendance information for regular meetings and webinars. You’ll also be able to view registration information before a webinar begins. 

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