Thermal POS Printers

High Speed Printing for Various POS Application. In recent years the speed, print quality and graphics capabilities of thermal printers have increased 
their popularity and decreased their cost of ownership. Star Micronics is pleased to present our full line of direct thermal printers with a variety of 
features and performance levels to fit any application.

Star POS Printers

Thermal Printer

Thermal Receipt Printers use the principle of transferring heat from the print head to thermal paper or thermal paper in which the paper will have a chemical that will turn black when exposed to the right amount of heat No need to use ink to print. This type of printing has an advantage in terms of speed, silence and does not have to worry about changing the ink when the ink runs out but with the nature of this type of chemical paper. The information on the paper will disappear over time like the receipt we received from various convenience stores. Therefore it is widely used in businesses that customers do not need to keep receipts as evidence for a long time.

Star BSC10

BSC10 Series

Star mPOP

Star mPOP

Star Mc Print 200


Star Mc Print 300


Star TSP700II

TSP700II Series

Star TP800II

TSP800II Series

Star TSP650II

TSP650II Series

Star TSP542II


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