sendQuick Enterprise

sendQuick Enterprise can be used to automate back-end processes, improve front-end customer service engagements, and help free-up manpower resources from menial administrative tasks. This allows the user-organization to improve their operation agility.


Web-based messaging system

Messaging system for unlimited users and application licenses with multiple access control.

Easy integration to backend applications (API)

Easy integration using back-end (email), HTTP Post or ODBC access methods.

SMS schedule broadcast

You can schedule SMS in hours or days in advance.

Automatic Message Routing

Automate message route using keyword management.

Contact list/ Address Book with Grouping Function

There is a global list managed by the administrator.

Mass SMS Capability

You can either send group SMS from the address list or upload from tab-delimited using CSV or tab delimited files.

Multiple Access Control

You can assign different users with different access rights with ease.

Two-way SMS Messaging

You can receive and send SMS on individual box, viewable only by the respective users.


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