sendQuick Avera

sendQuick Avera is designed to inform the assigned personnel when critical network events have occurred and required attention that will help the personnel to respond quickly. sendQuick Avera allows authorized users to remotely check server status and trigger server shutdown / restart of services.


Average Usage Services

IT Application

• When the network server 
   or application is down
• System resources reaches 
   predefined threshold
• Windows/ Linux services 
   are not responding

Security Applications

• When firewall is under 
• Network receives threat of 
   an intrusion
• Systems are subjected to 
   virus infections or there 
   malicious activities.

Physical Environment Changes

• Interruption to the power 
   supply (UPS)
• Environmental conditions 
   indicates a notable change
• In need to be informed 
   of events

Communicative Responses

• Helpdesk SMS dispatch in 
   the dissemination of all 
   required information
• Two-way 
   acknowledgement via SMS 
   and Web.

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