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CASB functionality offers visibility and control over data and threats across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments.

McAfee Web Gateway

Advanced protection against web-based threats and control over long-tailed cloud applications delivered as a ubiquitous cloud-native service.

McAfee Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard intellectual property and ensure compliance by protecting sensitive data on devices, to the cloud and within the cloud.

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Case Study

Embedded Whitelisting Meets Demand for
Cost- Effective, Low-Maintenance, and Secure Solutions

Hitachi KE Systems, a subsidiary of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, part of the global Hitachi Group, develops and markets network systems, computers, consumer products, and industrial equipment for a wide variety of industries.

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Top 7 Office 365 Security Use Cases for a CASB

As more enterprises adopt Microsoft office 365, new questions are arising about the security and compliance of corporate data. In moving to the cloud, enterprise outsource server management, upgrades, and datacenter operations to Microsoft. However, they only partially outsource their security responsibilities.

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White Papers

Five Ways to Rethink Your Endpoint
Protection Strategy

Device security is no longer about traditional antivirus versus next-generation endpoint protection. The truth is you need a layered and integrated defense that protects your entire digital terrain and all types of devices—traditional and nontraditional.

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Cybersecurity success requires a
change of mind

Cybersecurity strategy has arrived at the popular definition of insanity: do more of the same and expect a different outcome. That is exactly how the majority of organizations today attempt to protect their data, infrastructure, and other assets from cyberattacks.

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McAfee Labs
Threats Report

At McAfee, we have focused our threat
research teams entirely on ensuring your
data and systems remain secure, and for the
first time have made available the MVISION
Insights preview dashboard to demonstrate
the prevalence of such campaigns.

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MVISION Cloud for Office 365

McAfee MVISION Cloud for office 365 helps organizations securely accelerate their business by providing total control over data and user activity in Office 365.