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HP Supplies Home Quality

Choose Original HP Ink cartridges, designed for reliability and consistency the first time, and every time.

Feel good about printing knowing most Original HP Ink cartridges are developed from recycled materials including plastic bottles and ocean-bound plastics.

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Maintaining indoor air quality is an HP priority. Original HP inks are water-based for odorless, low-emission printing.

HP Planet Partners helps power a circular economy.

HP Planet Partners is our repurpose and recycling program for HP end-of-life equipment and printing supplies. Once you’re done with your HP products, we can help repurpose or recycle them.

Electronic products contain valuable materials such as metals, plastics, and glass that can be repurposed and recycled. Repurposing these materials helps conserve natural resources and reduces the need for raw materials extraction, a significant contributor to environmental degradation.

By recycling your e-waste, you are helping reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and support a more sustainable, circular economy. Learn more about HP Planet Partners

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Original HP Ink Cartridges for home printing

HP Supplies Standard Cartridges

Standard Cartridges

Recommended if you print occasionally, HP quality and reliability at a pocket-friendly price.

HP Supplies High Yield Cartridges

High-Yield Cartridges

Print more pages and change cartridge less often. Save more with XL cartridges compared to standard cartridges.

HP Supplies Papers

HP Papers

Produce exceptional-quality prints at home with HP Papers.

HP Printer Home Ink

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