Top reasons to try PaintShop Pro

1. Edit photos like a pro

Edit, retouch and enhance your images with a comprehensive set of progressive tools. Enjoy the powerful, layer-based editing capabilities.

2. Create impressive design projects

Design with text, brushes, textures and other painting tools to create attention – grabbing designs.

3. Improve photos with quick fixes

Crop, straighten, resize, enhance and retouch, or use one-click-adjustments to instantly correct.

4. Add effects for impact

Experiment with hundreds creative filters and fun effects to make your photos pop.

5. Remove flaws and distractions

Eliminate imperfections and unwanted photo elements, from a small scratch to an entire background.

Corel Top Reasons

Performance Enhancements Boost Speed and Quality

Corel Performance
Crop Quickly
Corel Try PaintShop
Try Over 50 Fixes
Corel Performance 2
Fix Photo in One-Step
Corel Latest Support 1
Latest Stylus and Graphic Tablet Support
Corel Latest Support 2
Autosave Improvements

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