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Frequently Asked Questions

Would a small company be able to afford a document management system? 
• A document management system can cost anywhere from just a few dollars per user per month, to millions of dollars. Archive One is designed to adapt to any company’s needs. 

Aren’t document management systems complicated and require expensive IT staff to manage it? 
• Document management systems can indeed be complicated, some even very complicated, the reality is that it is expensive IT staff that makes them complicated – your DMS should be no more complicated than your existing physical filing system. 

Does Archive One require expensive computer hardware? 
• Archive One requires no more than an ordinary office PC equipped with internet access and a browser.

We don’t have the time and resources to scan our document archive (back-file). How do you solve this dilemma? 
• We can scan the documents for you and index them in Archive One. We help you from beginning to end.

Top 5 Reasons why you should use Archive One 
• The program’s flexibility adapts to any company’s document management procedures and thus is applicable to any industry.

• Enhanced protection. The company’s vital information is protected all the time. Know who is using the program anytime. In general, most companies have comprehensive backup and data protection programs in place – but how many companies back up their physical (paper) files ?

• Empower your people. Archive One makes searching for all documents (old & new) fast and simple, giving your employees more time to work on critical decisions and projects that would normally take weeks to complete.

• Faster turnaround time. With its ease and simplicity, projects can be completed within days or even hours. Archive One increases productivity in all departments.

• Faster access to data and retrieval. Archive One eliminates the need for a physical storage space. Documents are just one click away thereby also eliminating document reproduction costs

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