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LEAF OS by NComputing is a small Linux-based operating system providing the basis for thin client computing. It enables users to access virtual desktops using their personal computers, including out-of-date x86-64 PCs and laptops.

Deployable in two different configurations, LEAF OS gives you both permanent and temporary access. First, it can be installed directly on a hard drive converting the host computer into a powerful thin client. This method of repurposing PCs extends the usefulness of aging computers. Alternatively LEAF OS can be run from a USB drive. USB booting leaves the user’s existing operating system, files, and hard drive untouched while providing an ideal environment for work-from-home use cases. When users finish their work, a simple reboot to their native OS restores their device to personal use.

Categories: Endpoint Software

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • RemoteApps and RemoteDesktops

  • Regular vs. Kiosk mode auto-login

  • Peripheral devices: USB webcams, network printers and mass storage devices; USB smart card readers and security keys; Digital (HDMI, DisplayPort, S/PDIF), analog, and USB audio

  • Native dual display support with independent screen rotation

  • Local applications including Chromium browser, Microsoft Teams and Zoom 

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