YubiKey Bio Series – FIDO Edition

The gold standard in biometric authentication

Hardware-based biometric authentication with a new user experience

Yubikey Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwordless multi-factor authentication

Yubikey Strong Second Factor Authentication

Strong second factor authentication

Yubikey Strong Biometric Security

Strong biometric security

Yubikey Bio Series - FIDO Edition

YubiKey Bio Series – FIDO Edition

The YubiKey Bio Series is where Yubico’s hallmark hardware security meets a new user experience with fingerprint on device authentication. The YubiKey Bio Series, built primarily for desktops, offers secure passwordless and second factor logins, and is designed to offer strong biometric authentication options.

  • Meets the most stringent hardware security requirements with fingerprint templates stored in the secure element on the key.
  • Works out-of-the-box with operating systems and browsers including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Chrome, and Edge.
  • Supports FIDO2/WebAuthn, U2F.
  • Available in both USB-A and USB-C form factors with biometric support.
  • IP68 rated, crush resistant, no batteries required, no moving parts.

YubiKey 5 Series works with the most web services and includes our most feature-rich security keys that prevent account takeovers and offer one-tap login. They come in USB-A, USB-C, Lightning keychain, and nano form factors.

The YubiKey 5 works with your favorite online applications.

The safest way to secure your online accounts.

Security Key applicable with Microsoft Google Amazon Duo Okta Ping Github Salesforce 1Password.com

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