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Liebert PSA ITON, Liebert EDGE UPS and Vertiv Edge Lithium
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Vertiv Line-Interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS

technology provides power conditioning with a 4-6 millisecond break in power when transferring to battery back-up and protects against the most common power problems experienced in a network. Here the UPS also monitors the voltage level and balances under and over voltages.


The Liebert PSA ITON, Vertiv’s high-efficiency uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution specifically designed for small office and home office with its universal sockets, mobile charger, and compact design, the Liebert PSA ITON line-interactive UPS protects vital equipment in this ever-growing application.


Liebert PSA MT3

The Liebert PSA MT3 is an economical line-interactive UPS that offers full-featured power protection for small office computers and electronic equipment. The Liebert PSA MT3 provide up to five minutes of back-up time at full load which should be more than enough time to save work in progress and shut down the connected equipment. USB shutdown software and a USB cable are also included.

Liebert EDGE UPS

Best-in-class battery backup and power protection for server, networking and EDGE applications. Vertiv™ EDGE RT is a family of highly reliable, efficient, manageable and flexible line interactive Pure sinewave UPSs, with models ranging from 500VA to 3000VA in mini-tower, rack/tower.


Vertiv Edge Lithium Ion

Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion line-interactive UPS provides both power conditioning and battery backup to critical IT equipment such as servers and network gear ensuring your business-critical applications are protected in the event of an unanticipated loss of power or an unprecedented power surge.

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