Recovery Is the Best Ransomware Protection

Reduce risk and accelerate recovery with comprehensive data security

  • Total control over data recovery
  • Multi-layered, trusted immutability
  • Simplicity through automation

Own your data. Any cloud.

Protect, control and manage data anywhere in Hybrid Cloud

With the rapid adoption of cloud-native, SaaS and Kubernetes, organizations start to struggle with data protection. Legacy backup doesn’t stretch across the cloud, while cloud-native tooling is limited to just one environment. To succeed, organizations need:

  • Native backup for all environments
  • Ownership and control of their data
  • Centralized management and visibility

#1 Hybrid Cloud Backup

Veeam Data Platform – is the #1 Hybrid Cloud Backup solution, giving you complete ownership of your data across any environment so you can:

  • Protect, control and manage cloud data
  • Leverage the cloud for data protection and security

Veeam protects exabytes of cloud data!

With comprehensive support for major public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft
Azure and Google Cloud, Veeam helps users protect exabytes of cloud data. Through policy-based management, immutability and proactive cost calculation, Veeam
enables organizations of any size to securely store and manage cloud data with
ease while avoiding overspend.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Protect, manage and control cloud data

Cloud-native backup

Native AWS, Azure and Google Cloud backup and recovery.

Cloud Mobility

Backup, recover and migrate to, from and across any cloud.

Kubernetes backup

Native backup/restore, DR and app mobility for Kubernetes.

SaaS backup

Secure backup and recovery for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Leverage the cloud for data protection and security

Cloud backup and archival

Policy-based retention, tuned for capacity and cost reduction.

Disaster recovery

Directly recover apps and data to the cloud in a few clicks.

Ransomware protection

Air-gapped, immutable backups to protect from cyberthreats.

Migrate and modernize

Migrate on-prem apps and data to any cloud in as little as two steps.

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