aDesk Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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Sangfor aDesk VDI

Sangfor aDesk is a one-stop Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that helps your business evolve effortlessly to a digital workspace environment, suitable for secure office, work-from-anywhere scenarios, and more.
The extremely simple architecture makes it easy for IT engineers of any caliber to manage, significantly increasing IT operations and maintenance efficiency. Self-Developed transmission protocols and GPU technology, collaborated with Nvidia, guarantee a seamless desktop experience, boosting user productivity. End-to-end security mechanisms effectively protect your data from external attacks like ransomware, data leakage by internal users, and data loss caused by disk errors while satisfying business security and compliance needs.

Features & Benefits of Sangfor VDI

  • All-Round Security

    • Access Security: Endpoint Environment Check, Multi-Factor Authentication, Anti-Brute Force Attack, Single Sign-On (SSO), Secondary Authentication based on Conditions
    • Network Security: HTTPS Transmission, Protection against Man-in-the-Middle and SWEET32 Birthday Attacks, Distributed Firewall
    • User Behavior Security: Screen Watermark, Anti-Screenshot, USB Whitelist, Export Document Audit, Screen Record, Clipboard Control, Application Whitelist
    • Built-In Security: Multi-Copy Data Storage, Built-In Web Application Firewall (WAF), Disk Signature, BIOS Protection
    • Integrated Security: Sangfor VDI + Sangfor Endpoint Secure

  • Simple & Efficient

    • One-Stop Solution: Server, Hypervisor, Controller, Thin Client, and Endpoint Security come from a single vendor
    • Hardware Reutilization: Reuse existing PCs and Servers
    • Quick Deployment: Shorten virtual desktop deployment time by 80%; deploy 100 VMs in just 5 minutes
    • Self-Service: Personal information maintenance, snapshot, capacity application

  • Ultimate User Experience

    • Highly compatible with peripheral devices with USB mapping technology
    • Smooth desktop user experience with Sangfor patented SRAP and HEDC protocols
    • Fluent video experience with HTML5 redirection technology
    • SSD cache acceleration and Windows tools boost VM speed

Sangfor aDesk VDI Architecture

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