With Parallels RAS 19, you can Simplify
and Enhance Azure Virtual Desktop

Extend Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities by integrating, configuring and unifying all virtual workloads
and resources from a centralized console.

Unified Integration
with Parallels RAS

Parallels® RAS integrates and extends Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities by providing organizations with unified workload and resource management. Parallels RAS configures and maintains Azure Virtual Desktop workloads and other resources alike, supporting private, hybrid or multi-cloud deployments for ultimate flexibility and end-user productivity.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is an application and desktop virtualization service that runs on Microsoft Azure. Azure Virtual Desktop enables access to applications and desktops hosted on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH), including Windows 10 multi-session hosts.

“Parallels RAS integration with Azure Virtual Desktop ensures optimized service delivery while providing a unified end-user experience. It simplifies Azure Virtual Desktop deployment and provides centrally managed capabilities, including auto-scaling, FSLogix Profile Containers configuration and automated VM image optimization.”

Sandeep Patnaik

Principal PM Manager, Microsoft

Benefits of Parallels RAS and Azure Virtual Desktop


Simplified Deployment and Management

Facilitate Azure Virtual Desktop deployments through a wizard-driven interface and administer IT environments with advanced metrics and management capabilities from a single pane of glass—including workspaces, host pools and application groups. With superior user session management, along with in-depth monitoring and reporting, it's straightforward to determine server usage, devices used, applications accessed and much more.

Boost Productivity

Provide end-users with seamless and transparent access to all Azure Virtual Desktop and other resources from the Parallels Client for Windows. In addition, Parallels RAS features such as Universal Printing and Scanning, AI-based session prelaunch and accelerated file redirection, can enrich the Azure Virtual Desktop experience.


Increased Flexibility

Parallels RAS supports Azure Virtual Desktop and independent heterogeneous Windows Servers, virtualization and cloud platforms. Choose from on-premises, hybrid and public cloud deployments, making migrations straightforward without disrupting the end-user.


Optimized Workspaces

Meet user demands quickly and enhance performance with more than 130 built-in automated image optimizations. Auto-scale IT infrastructures based on traffic requirements and usage needs to meet business demands instantly.


FSLogix Profile Container Integration

With built-in integration, it is simple for administrators to centrally configure and deploy FSLogix Profile Containers required in multi-user virtual environments directly from the Parallels RAS Console.


Secure Mobility

Increase mobility without forsaking security. Parallels RAS integration with MFA providers, granular filtering of resources and client policies enable you to secure corporate data based on groups, gateways, specific users or end-user devices.

High-level Overview of Parallels RAS and Azure Virtual Desktop Integration


The diagram above depicts a hybrid or multi-cloud deployment. The integration of Parallels RAS and Azure Virtual Desktop is also supported when completely deployed on Microsoft Azure.

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