Parallels RAS

An all-in-one hybrid and remote work solution

Enable today’s hybrid and remote workforce with the ideal digital workspace—designed by you. Parallels® RAS is an application and desktop virtualization solution that empowers your workforce to work securely from anywhere, on any device, with ease.

Why Parallels RAS?

Why Parallels RAS?

Outstanding user experience

Access virtual desktops and applications on any device or OS, anywhere, from your browser using our Web Client, or install the local client to your device. Exceptional, reliable, and intuitive user experience with native controls.

Easy to deploy, manage, and maintain

Streamline deployments from a centralized management console. Use automation tools and easily provision and scale in minutes, even on the go, with a web-based Management Portal.

IT agility and business readiness

Deploy virtual workspaces on-premises, via public clouds, or through hybrid environments. Automate and scale deployments on main hypervisors or the cloud on Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Amazon Web Services.

Enhance data security and compliance

Protect corporate data with central file storage, granular filtering policies, encryption controls, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Reduce total cost of ownership

Tap into an all-in-one remote working solution with a single licensing model. Extend the life of your hardware and efficiently modernize legacy software.

You’re always supported

Access 24/7 support and free technical training to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to deploy and maintain Parallels RAS. We are committed to your success.

Why Parallels RAS?

Our goal is to enable organizations and partners to be more agile and to extend their service offerings, all from a single management console.


  • Designed for any industry looking to implement a flexible, agile digital workspace.
  • Built for verticals—from Healthcare to IT firms, and Education to Government.


  • Service Provider - Grow your business and offer your services on-premises, or via cloud or hosted environments. Manage it all with agility from a single management console.
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) - Transform your business into a cloud-ready Software as a Service (SaaS). Reach a wider audience with fast application onboarding. From cost-effective licensing to white labeling, we support you every step of the way.
  • Reseller - Enhance your customer offering and leverage our innovative technology solutions as a trusted partner.

What are customers saying?

"Parallels RAS is a perfect alternative to complex and expensive enterprise solutions as it is easy to set up, very user friendly, and ensures business continuity while keeping our employees safe."

Massimiliano Varutti

Information Systems and e-government Service at Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia

"Parallels RAS makes it simple for our IT admins to support any device that students and teachers prefer to use and saves us hours of setup time."

Paul Miller

Head of IT at Cambridge Judge Business School

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Outstanding user experience

Parallels RAS provides an intuitive and seamless user experience (UX) on any device, enabling employees to access their workspace wherever they are—in the office or on the go.

  • Accelerated file retrieval
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Multitasking
  • Quick keypad
  • Pen-pressure support
  • Full RemoteFX support
  • Bidirectional audio
  • Specific URL redirection using local device resources for improved audio and video and mail redirection
  • White-labeling ability (customization)
  • Effortless printing and scanning
  • Ultra-fast login and email-based connection discovery
  • Enhanced performance with Parallels clients, including native ARM64-based client
  • Android and iOS/iPad OS folder redirection

Native gestures

Use native touch gestures—such as swipe, drag, tap-to-click and zoom-in—with any Windows application on mobile devices to provide a local workspace-like experience.

Simple to deploy and maintain

Streamline the management of Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft RDS and Amazon Web Services infrastructure by leveraging the broad range of tools and automation capabilities available in Parallels RAS.

  • Auto-provisioning and auto-scaling
  • Centralized management console with web-based Parallels RAS Management Portal
  • Power management
  • Wizard-based deployment
  • Integration for MSIX app attach dynamic packaged applications delivery and FSLogix Profile Containers
  • Simple, centralized certificate management with Let’s Encrypt integration
  • Granular admin permissions
  • Automated image optimization
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • High Availability Load Balancing (HALB)
  • UX Evaluator and advanced session metrics
  • PowerShell and REST APIs
  • Client autoconfiguration and email-based account discovery
  • Automated notifications and custom actions
  • Server management tools
  • Resource-based load balancing

IT agility and business readiness

The flexible and scalable architecture of Parallels RAS enables organizations to quickly adapt to continuous workplace changes and demands for new applications or desktop types.

  • Hypervisor agnostic
  • Mix and match different Windows Server OSs
  • Ready for hype converged solutions
  • Multi-cloud ready, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Desktop-based VDI
  • Server-based VDI
  • Session-based VDI
  • Remote PC
  • RDSH & VDI local storage distribution
  • Power management

Multi-cloud ready

Parallels RAS supports on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud deployments. Extend and simplify the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) by integrating and managing all workloads and resources from a central point—the Parallels RAS Management Portal. Integrate all deployments, delivering a single solution to end users.

Enhanced data security

Parallels RAS offers a wide range of features and tools to help organizations monitor and secure applications, desktops, and data in multi-cloud environments.

  • Advanced expression-based filtering rules
  • Enforce client policies
  • Client management
  • Encryption protocols
  • Centralized data storage
  • Support for multiple MFA services (multi-factor authentication)
  • Configurable logon hours


Streamline the management of user identities from different organizations while providing SSO capabilities. Enable users to effortlessly switch between hosted Windows, web, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications without being prompted to re-enter credentials.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Easy to deploy, configure, and maintain, Parallels RAS enables organizations to reduce IT complexity while increasing staff and user productivity.

Parallels RAS is an all-inclusive single license model that includes all capabilities out-of-the-box, providing enterprise-range features such as application and VDI delivery, load balancing, multi-cloud, and 24/7 customer support.

  • Fast learning curve
  • No-expensive add-ons
  • Concurrent user model
  • Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA)
  • Managed sub-licensing

"Parallels give us the flexibility to easily spin up VDI sessions across domains and for as many users as we need, while also extending a very easy-to-stomach license cost that keeps our finance office happy."


Mikel Seidl

Systems Administrator at Lake Forest Academy

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