Run Windows on Mac. Easy. Powerful. Seamless.

Parallels® Desktop 19 for Mac

Power up your Mac to run Windows on a virtual desktop, plus get access to more than 200,000 of its apps to work, develop, study, test, and play. Authorized by Microsoft.

For Home

Run thousands of Windows applications on your Mac, including Windows-exclusive games.

For School

Supercharge your education. Access the Windows apps and other software you need on your Mac.

For Work

Unlock the full power of Microsoft Office 365 Suite and other business-critical apps.

For power users

Advanced features and enhanced functionality designed for developers, creators, and power users.

Optimized and ready for



Parallels Desktop 19 is optimized for macOS Sonoma, offering enhanced printing options through the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). This optimization provides a more immersive experience when running macOS virtual machines on Mac computers with Apple silicon, including improved shared printing on those devices.

Download, Install, and configure
Windows 11 on your Mac in two clicks

With Parallels Desktop, you can effortlessly set up your system; there’s no need to source a Windows image or grapple with installation and configuration. It’s simplicity at its finest.

Experience a perfect synergy
between macOS and Windows

Use your Mac camera, microphone, trackpad, sound, display, keyboard, and mouse with Windows. Enable USB Windows-only devices like printers and scanners; connect your Android phone and many other devices.

Smooth integration allows you
to be more productive

Effortlessly move and share content between Mac and Windows with seamless integration.

Use Windows apps side by side with Mac apps with Windows desktops hidden.

Easily access your Mac files in Windows to avoid duplicates and optimize disk space usage.

And so much more.

Polished and intuitive user experience.

Improved optimization and performance.

Subscriptions include Parallels® Toolbox and 24/7 support.

Features Standard Edition Pro Edition Business Edition
Includes major updates to support new versions of macOS, Windows, Linux, and new Mac models Subscription only
Virtual RAM for each VM 8 GB vRAM 128 GB vRAM 128 GB vRAM
Virtual CPUs for each VM** 4 vCPUs 32 vCPUs 32 vCPUs
Experience Windows as if it was designed for Mac: use Mac files, keyboard, trackpad, camera & mic, sound, graphics, Touch ID, and many more
Run thousands of Windows applications such as Microsoft Office 365, accounting software, trading software, SAP, Matlab, and more
Run professional graphics-intensive Windows applications and multiple virtual machines
Develop, automate, test, and debug software in multiple operating systems simultaneously
Deliver Windows on Mac across your organization to run business-critical applications and free developers from the hassle of using multiple computers. Secure and key-free with SSO/SAML integration option
Premium 24/7 phone and email support Subscription only

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