MVISION eXtended Detection
& Response (XDR)

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Proactive, Actionable Intelligence​ Get ahead of the adversary with prioritized threats, predictive assessment and proactive response – powered by MVISION Insights.​

Data-Awareness Make better, faster decisions with automated investigations driven by correlation analysis across multiple vectors.

Open Architecture​ Simplify complex workflows for your incident response orchestration and contain threats more efficiently.​

Key Benefits SOCs can do more with MVISION XDR, thanks to a unified view across endpoints, the network, and the cloud. MVISION XDR helps:

Reduce human error that can result from manually pivoting between tools and data

■ Prioritize and protect what matters with data awareness that weighs in criticality and sensitivity

■ Minimize risk before and after attacks with proactive actionable intelligence, guided and automated investigations, and prescriptive countermeasures

■ Enhance visibility and control, and eliminate tedious manual tasks by effortlessly orchestrating security solutions so they work together

■ Deliver actionable cyberthreat management without increasing staff and by empowering current staff

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