Hisense Interactive Display solutions deliver unrivalled performance and market leading value. Combining the power of a digital display, tablet, electronic whiteboard and video conference device, Hisense delivers the ultimate all-in-one display solution. Superior processors and the latest touch technology provide best-in-class user experiences while seamless wireless integration makes collaboration both simple and engaging. The NEW GoBoard and GoBoard Live displays features Google Certification and Android 13 operating system.

Google Integration

With Google Education, GoBoard enables users to easily access Google applications such as Google Classroom, Google Chrome, Play Store, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc. This helps teachers save time managing their classroom and assignments.

Smart Whiteboard

GoBoard uses high-level touch to restore natural writing habits by enabling pen tip writing, cap erasing, finger moving objects and palm erasing, while also providing teachers and students with a wide range of teaching tools such as protractors, triangles and rulers.

4K Ultra HD Panel

The 4K Ultra HD picture quality ensures perfect colour and rich details in all possible surroundings. In addition to the 4K screen as always, we bring a 4K user interface for the GoBoard. With the 4K UI, we can use our clear and bright screen to provide the most beautiful imagery.

Safer and Enhanced Experience

Android 13 works to keep your data safe and secure. With Android 13, you have more control over what information apps can and can’t access. Devices that work better together, enhance your messaging, audio and multitasking experiences.

Dolby Atmos

Movies, TV shows, sports, music – the entertainment you love is even better when you hear it in Dolby Atmos. Its crystal clarity, easy-to-hear dialogue, great detail and realistic surround-sound effects all come together to dial up the impact of your favourite scenes and events.

Wireless Presentation

GoBoard supports Webcast, Miracast, DLNA, USB-C & -A dongle transfer, Hisenseshare, etc. Dual Wi-Fi modules simultaneously support a screen-sharing hotspot and Wi-Fi network connection. With low image latency, you’ll enjoy a faster, more stable connection.

Integrated 4K Camera - GoBoard Live

The integrated 4K GOBOARD camera facilitates video conferencing and is designed with a physical cover and a working light to ensure the privacy of attendees.

Array Microphone - GoBoard Live

8 microphones and speaker tracking technology locate the sound source in real-time, with a 12m pick-up distance ensuring the speaker is always the centre of attention.

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