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Continuity for Microsoft Azure

Reliable Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure that client workloads in Azure are protected and easily recoverable. Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure is a complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution, with costs you can predict.

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Protect Your Clients’ Azure Data

Workloads running in Azure are not automatically backed up. Ensure that you’re protected from single-cloud risk and downtime scenarios, such as ransomware and outages, with Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure. Provide true business continuity for your clients with multi-cloud protection, hourly replication to the secure Datto Cloud, and no-cost egress.

Datto Azure Overview Reliable Data Protection

Reliable Data Protection

Under Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, customers are responsible for keeping their data secure, protected and recoverable. Safeguarding your clients’ data is easy with Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure.

Securely Backup and Recover Azure Workloads

Increase resilience while protecting against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats: The immutable Datto Cloud sets the standard for secure cloud infrastructure. Benefit from features like Cloud Deletion Defense™ and geographically distributed locations that guarantee data sovereignty.

Predictable Costs, Profitable Solution

Public cloud costs can be complex and limit your margins. Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure eliminates the confusion of calculating your monthly cloud bill, with a flat-fee solution that covers all of your BCDR costs, including egress and virtualization.

Azure BCDR Purpose Built for MSP’s

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure was built exclusively for MSPs to easily manage client data protection at scale. You’ll be confident that your backups are complete, bootable, and easily recoverable, so you can minimize downtime for the businesses that depend on you.

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Choose Datto to protect Azure Workloads

Patented, Best-in-Class Technology

Patented, Best-in-Class Technology

Simple, secure, and reliable business continuity solution built to deliver the same performance level protection MSPs trust with Datto's BCDR solutions.

Proven DRaaS Reliability

Proven DRaaS

Datto is a leader in cloud workload protection and technology solutions, purpose-built to drive MSP efficiency and growth. More than 10K recoveries per month.

Direct Access to Technical Experts

Direct Access to Technical Experts

Datto-certified Azure experts are available to help you every step of the way. Deploy with confidence our single-vendor solution saves time and provides knowledgeable support when an issue occurs.

Secure and Reliable Microsoft Azure BCDR Solution

Enable your clients’ Azure migration while keeping their workloads protected and easily recoverable, at a predictable cost. Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution built exclusively for MSPs. It provides hourly replication to the secure Datto Cloud, daily backup verification, and optimal recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) performance.

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