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More than just a back up. Making BCDR affordable.

Introducing Datto

Helping MSPs Thrive

Global SMB IT Spend Managed by MSPs.

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Growing 4x faster than general SMB IT spending.

APAC SMB IT Spend Managed by MSPs.

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Growing 17% per year.

How Datto Helps MSPs

Your Focus Area

Expand Margins

Create Effiency

Drive Revenue Growth

Manage Complexity & Risk

Our Solutions to Your Focus Area

Efficiency Products

Protect Client Workloads with
Anywhere Failover

Partner Enablement

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk

Support Experience

Deliver Exceptional Service to
Your Clients

Datto was founded from technical innovation…

Datto creates innovative technology that enables MSPs to protect small and medium businesses against threats and minimize business downtime. In an increasingly complex IT environment, we provide solutions to the challenges MSPs face every day while creating margins to grow their businesses.

Then grew into an industry leader and loyal partner…

We’ve spent more than a decade working exclusively with MSPs, and that means more than just building innovative products. We’ve also built genuine relationships with partners across the globe. From our front-line sales teams through our unmatched support, events and partner success teams, supporting our MSP community always comes first.

And now were all-in for the future of our global MSP community

Since its inception, we have tailored our business to meet MSPs’ unique needs. This includes our subscription-based pricing model, policies, success, support, and programs, as well as renowned events like DattoCon. Our entire business model is built on enabling MSP growth.

Datto Overview

Year Founded: 2007

Founded in Norwalk, CT

20+ Global Locations

2,000+ Employees

17,800 MSP Partners

Serving 1 million end-clients around the world

Purpose-built exabyte scale cloud

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