Employee Monitoring

  • • Find needed business information when employee is not available
  • • Discover silently if an employee is working in the right direction
  • • Be aware if the employee is handling sensitive data and how careful or careless he or she is about managing them
  • • Prevent personal use of employer facilities and IT infrastructure which on larger scale could have massive operational and financial impact
  • • Check for violation of employee policies that takes place through activities like sending abusive/offensive/racial emails or chats
  • • Check for violation of known crimes like pornography, child abuse, racism, terrorism, etc.
  • • Detect psychological stability of employees and how it is affecting rest of the team members
  • • Investigate complaints of sexual harassment by effecting actual evidence
  • • Check illegal and unauthorized installation of risky or pirated software
  • • Increase bandwidth availability
  • • Documenting bad employee behavior
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