The next great disruption

With Citrix, stay ahead of the curve in the new era of employee experience.

As the restrictions brought by the global pandemic ease and work spaces slowly reopen, organizations are facing
the next disruption—hybrid work.

There’s No Going Back

  • 52 percent of respondents said they want a hybrid model where they can choose to work remotely or from the office each day.
  • 16 percent indicated they have no interest in returning to the office and would prefer a permanently remote role.
  • 45 percent noted that if they were to change jobs, they would only accept a role which offered flexible and remote work options.

Get hybrid right

  • Give employees reliable access to the work resources they need to collaborate and get work done anywhere – in the office, at home, or on the go.
  • Ensure corporate and personal information remains safe across any device or location.
  • Establish a shared digital workspace that provides a common and transparent environment in which teams have consistent access to applications and information and can efficiently collaborate on projects to get work done, wherever it needs to get done.

Why does your hybrid workforce need a digital workspace?

  • Simplified location and device agnosticism: With a digital workspace, companies can deliver a standardized, centralized user experience to all their workers. No matter where those employees are logging on from and what devices they’re using, they see the same set of applications. By taking this one step further and using a cloud-based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) option, IT departments can lower their everyday tech upkeep burden while still giving secure, centralized access.
  • Flexibility and future-proofing: By creating a centralized way to access numerous applications and data sources, a digital workspace allows companies to expand their capabilities without making drastic changes. Whether this means integrating a new SaaS app, going fully remote, or embracing a new security protocol, organizations can evolve with minimal stress on the IT department.
  • Support for freelancers and independent contractors: Increasing use of virtual and hybrid workforces is only one part of the changes occurring across industries. Companies are also choosing to bring in specialists to add necessary skills and complete projects. A digital workspace gives these additional workers a secure, efficient way to collaborate with the permanent employees.
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