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The Challenge

With over 70 percent market share, Network International clears more than one million transactions daily and has transformed the payment service industry in the Gulf, Middle East, and North Africa. The company’s innovative payment solutions and modern processing methods are shaping the payment services industry in the UAE. To meet increasing demand from customers, Network International needed to automate many of its ITSM services. The Network International IT organization partnered with Indian national IT provider Tech Mahindra, a BMC partner that provides customer-centric information technology services, to devise and implement an innovative solution.

Business Impact

The BMC solutions support Network International’s IT strategy, which focuses on delivering products and services that meet the needs of banks, financial institutions, and retailers in a rapidly changing industry.

  • A service catalog tailored for each customer allows simple, three-click ticket submission for issuesand requests.
  • Nearly 80% of requests and issues come through BMC Helix Digital Workplace, reducing the time customers and agents spend on the phone and dealing with email.
  • Automation has slashed the time required to create ticketssubmitted via phone from 20 minutes to 5 minutes(a 75% decrease).
  • Average response time dropped from 60 minutes to 15 minutes(an 80% decrease), and IT consistently meets its service level agreement of resolving Priority 1 tickets in 30 minutes.
  • Root cause analysis now takes 15 minutes instead of the previous average of two days, and the number of recurring issues is declining.
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