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The Challenge

Ensono (formerly Acxiom IT) operates IT infrastructures and supports mission-critical workloads for many of the world’s top enterprises. Effective monitoring of the IT infrastructure, which encompasses more than 68,000 mainframe MIPS, 10,000 servers, and 10 petabytes of storage, is critical to maintaining exceptional reliability and performance for customer systems as Ensono grows and expands its business. IT is transforming its monitoring environment, standardizing on processes and technology across diverse hardware, operating systems, applications, and other infrastructure components.

Business Impact

Ensono’s holistic monitoring strategy brings an extra level of predictability to the IT environment and empowers the staff to prioritize and focus its efforts on what matters most to the business.

  • Standardization consolidates 15 tools and consoles to a single enterprise solutionwhile providing visibility across platforms and clients.
  • Automation, self-provisioning, self-healing, and other capabilities enabled Ensono to add 2,500 endpoints in six months without adding staff.
  • Analytics capabilities and behavioral learning are reducing event noise.
  • Switching to BMC monitoring for a client system that was producing 10,000 tickets a month reduced ticket volumes to just a few hundred a month.
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