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HP Education Device
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Blended learning has become the new norm for how schools operate But this combination of in-person and at-home study means school administrators, faculty, and IT professionals must help teachers and students make seamless transitions between spaces. And the way overcome that challenge is with technology that’s fast, flexible, and reliable.

Here are a few things to contemplate in your purchasing decisions for academic devices:

• Performance power, including memory and CPU speed
• Media capabilities, such as an integrated webcam and microphone,
   as well as a headphone port
• Wi-Fi bandwidth capability
• Ruggedness/durability
• Budget constraints

See the ways that HP can support your school system’s blended-learning needs with devices that are purposefully designed to make the grade.

Solutions for teachers

COVID-19 disrupted education in a negative way A McKinsey study found that US saw the effectiveness of their instruction decline as classes went online.

But the right technology solutions can help remedy unfinished learning. According to the Consortium for School Networking, “The need for online remote access for K-12 instruction and learning resources is now integral to the US education system”

Technology is no longer secondary to the classroom experience—teachers now understand that virtual teaching goes hand-in-hand with real-world teaching It’s up to schools to make sure they have the resources they need to make blended learning the best of all worlds

Solutions for students

Maximum learning requires maximum student engagement, regardless of whether the environment is online or offline. And nothing interferes with engagement like a laptop that lags, glitches, and won’t let the student get the work done.

These education-proven HP laptops perform the way students need them to, whether it’s logging in remotely or running intensive applications.

HP Hybrid Teaching Solution

The information being taught hasn’t changed, but the way teachers present it certainly has The HP Hybrid Teaching Solution assembles essential technology tools from the business world—such as conferencing, collaboration, and instant whiteboard access—and transforms them into a compatible, user-friendly ecosystem for classroom use These devices are compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams apps.

Even outside the realm of blended learning, the HP Hybrid Teaching Solution can help students stay current when they miss class (such as snow days or sick days) or are on a homeschool curriculum It can also keep parents in the loop on their child’s studies.
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