Warehouse Bermonth Sale Addasound

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is open to all WSI-accredited resellers (AE).
  2. From September 19 to Dec 30, 2022, resellers can purchase discounted products from the WSI Ber-months Sale (WBMS).
  3. Orders will be on a first-come, first-served basis and while supplies last.
  4. To book or reserve the item, the reseller’s AE must fill out the online form: https://bit.ly/wbms2022inquiry for the product they are interested in, and a WSI representative will contact them to validate and confirm the booking.
  5. For every accumulated P.O. of Php 50,000 (Vat Ex), the reseller’s AE will receive Php 250 GCash credits.
  6. Deals given at a special price are excluded from this promotion.
  7. Receiving GCash account MUST match the name of the sales representative indicated on the P.O. (*Note: the sales representative’s name should be indicated on the P.O. for proper recording of incentive).
  8. Resellers can only claim the rewards once the account has been fully paid within the approved credit terms. Cancellation or return of orders is not allowed.
  9. WSI Management reserves the right and has complete discretion, to modify, terminate, or change the program during the promotional period.
  10. WSI’s decision on all matters relating to this promo shall be final.
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