Case Study: Finavia (Helsinki Airport)


The ambition of Finavia is to position Helsinki Airport as a leading Europe¬an airport for travel between Asia and Europe, while maintaining excellent flight connections between Finland and the rest of the world. As part of that, screens are critically important in ensuring passenger engagement with the airport, its facilities and offerings. Samsung’s heritage in digital signage and involvement in major projects across the globe made them the ideal partner for Finavia, providing best-in-class displays to promote the beautiful country of Finland.

Technology Highlights

• Superior picture quality with LED HDR technology and advanced design possibilities
• High brightness, IP5x certifi cation and non-glare panel to clearly display flight information
• Easy and integrated management with the MagicINFO platform
• Durable, long lasting performance

About Finavia
Finavia Corporation is a public limited company devel¬oping and maintaining 21 airports in Finland. Its mission is to enable smooth and sustainable travelling. Helsinki Airport is the leading long-haul airport in Northern Europe and a popular transfer airport between Europe and Asia. Lapland Airports and regional airports attract tourists to Finland from all over the world.


360-degree engagement with superior picture quality
Samsung installed a 360-degree IF Series LED display in addition to PHF 55” standalone displays throughout the terminal, providing brilliant picture quality to create an immer-sive space for all passengers, with an ultra-modern feel. Following an art competition in 2017, the winning piece is now displayed on the IF Series, showcasing the heritage of Finn¬ish design and creating a truly unique environment, bespoke to Helsinki Airport.

Samsung’s IF Series displays offer a perfect combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability, bringing together video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement to add crystal-clear clarity to any featured content. The IF Series also implements dynamic peaking that empowers displays to reach peak bright¬ness levels nearly two times higher than standard LED solutions.

The PHF 55” is a premium grade display that supports up to 700 nit brightness in a slim, compact design with narrow bezels. High brightness capability and non-glare panels ensure that PHF can withstand a range of environmental conditions, such as an airport, where maintaining clear visibility of flight information is critical for operations and pas-senger satisfaction.

Easy installation and reliability in any environment
Helsinki Airport is a major hub for Europe, welcoming visitors from across the world. Therefore, installation had to be quick, efficient and with as little disruption as possible. The IF Series’ advanced design offers businesses and integrators a variety of easy instal¬lation options, including on an incline or on a ceiling, opening new possibilities regardless of any environmental constraints.

All Samsung IF Series displays undergo rigorous factory calibration to ensure uniform brightness and color chromaticity. When coupled with the Samsung LED Signage Manag-er’s advanced picture settings, this enhanced treatment produces an excellent, reliable presentation. Full-front access to critical signage components also enables fast and con­venient maintenance, ensuring 24/7 operation in a busy airport environment to maintain passenger engagement.

Integrated management capabilities
Samsung’s MagicINFO platform allows users to create, schedule and deploy content across an entire signage network. Meanwhile, they can also monitor and adjust display settings and troubleshoot potential performance issues from any location via remote ac¬cess, making sure that passenger engagement is not impacted at any time. Powered by TIZEN, the powerful Samsung operating system, PHF standalone displays are an all-in-one solution built to handle the demands of a busy airport environment.

““The idea of this whole space is to impress people who arrive at Helsinki Airport for the first time. The curves were originally drawn by the architect without knowing the limita­tions of the technology. Samsung definitely walked the extra mile to make this imple­mentation possible. “

– Eero Knuutila, Head of Sales Department, Finavia


Finavia’s ambition was to install a solution that enhanced the new extension at Helsinki Airport, creating a place that represents the traditions of Finland and engages passengers from the moment they arrive. Samsung’s visually impactful displays have allowed Finavia to put visitor experi¬ence at the heart, surprising and delighting over 21 million passengers that it serves every year.

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