RealPresence Group 500


Powerful video collaboration for conference rooms and other meeting environments in a sleek design that is easy to configure and use. In addition to all the features of RealPresence Group 310, the RealPresence Group 500 includes:

  • Drive meaningful conversations and collaboration
  • Connect easily using tools you already know
  • Make the most of any size meeting room
  • Dual display support standard
  • Up to-6-way HD multipoint available via optional license key
  • Call speeds up to 6 Mbps
  • Touch display support standard for system
  • control or Polycom VisualBoard content annotation and whiteboarding
  • Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ to create a physical space that captures voices from inside while blocking voices and sounds from outside
  • Connect up to four Polycom digital microphone arrays


Polystudio RealPresence 500 Feature

Richer, Easier Collaboration

Imagine a meeting without distracting background noise. RealPresence Group 500 conference room equipment lets voices come through loud and clear in any size room. Visuals have enhanced resolution, too. So everyone in the meeting can see and hear each other better—and get more done.

Connect Easily Using Tools You Know

No more delays caused by virtual meeting software snafus. With a single click, RealPresence Group 500 conference room video conferencing systems work seamlessly with popular, standards-based video services.

Polystudio RealPresence 500 Feature
Polystudio RealPresence 500 Feature

Maximize Any Size Meeting Space

Invisible meeting participants are no longer an issue with RealPresence Group 500 video conferencing systems. Smart camera options ensure that all participants can see and be seen, no matter where they are sitting—or how large or small the room. Support dual monitors and 10 or more participants.