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Data has been called “the new oil,” in recognition of the fact that information is as essential to the success of today’s businesses
as petroleum was to the giants of the Industrial Age. But data is potentially more valuable than oil, because it can be reused and adapted for so many different purposes. Organizations that base their decisions on a foundation of high-quality data will become the “digital-first” giants of the Information Age.

“Data is a critical asset for companies that want to deliver speed, agility, and a competitive business advantage in today’s digital marketplace,” says Richard Jacobik, senior manager of technology alliances at Veritas.

Realizing those advantages starts with knowing where data is located, who has access to it, and how it is consumed, notes Jacobik. A data D protection strategy is also essential to ensure that critical data is always accessible. From that foundation, an organization can forge ahead to address the most critical challenges of C-level executives: reducing cost and complexity,
driving operational efficiency, and minimizing risk.

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