Go Beyond Zero Trust Network Access

Secure access to private applications from any device, anywhere, without restricting user collaboration

Total control from a single console

Apply a unified policy across web, SaaS and private apps – all from a fully converged platform managed from one single console.

Never trust, always verify!

Every user, device and connection is continuously verified before access is granted to sensitive resources. Trust is never granted by default, ensuring data safety and integrity at all times without compromising availability for your users.

Integrated Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) scanning prevents unauthorized users from uploading or downloading sensitive information.

Secure managed and unmanaged devices

An alternative VPN solution that supports both managed and unmanaged devices to secure your remote and extended workforce. Access to private applications is provided directly through the browser of any device, while applying a Zero Trust policy.

ZTNA for Unmanaged Devices

Grant secure access to internal applications for BYOD and contractor devices while applying a zero trust policy

DLP Scanning

Prevent the inappropriate handling of sensitive data by users from any location and device.

Infinite Cloud Capacity

Deliver uninterrupted access to private apps that quickly responds and scales to meet the needs of your business.

Seamless RBI Integration

Enable seamless and secure collaboration between employees, external partners or third-partner contractor

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