Secure Cloud-Native Applications & Infrastructure for Your DevOps Team

Enable the development and deployment of your cloud-native applications while identifying hidden risks caused from misconfigurations, threats and vulnerabilities—all from a single platform.

Skyhigh Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) secures your enterprise cloud-native application ecosystem using the industry’s first comprehensive, automated, and frictionless platform.

Improved Cloud Security Posture Management

Comprehensive discovery and risk-based prioritization. Shift Left to detect and correct misconfigurations. Achieve continuous visibility into multi-cloud environments, automated misconfiguration remediation, access a best practice compliance library and identify configuration issues before they cause a significant impact.

Centralized Data Security Policy Management

Automate security controls for continuous compliance​ and audit. Centralize data security policy management and incidents management, maintain records for compliance and notification, manage privileged access to protect sensitive data and automate the identification and control of sensitive data while also enabling UEBA.

Centralized Incident Management

Review the effectiveness of individual policies and fine-tune evaluation accuracy for DLP and configuration audit policies against incidents generated and remediated. Unify your Incident Dashboard for multi-cloud, access a MITRE Dashboard with holistic views, publish detected anomalies to your SIEM, integrate with ticketing systems such as ServiceNow and apply role-based access levels.

Cloud Security Posture Management

CSPM is a class of security tools that enable compliance monitoring, DevOps integration, incident response, risk assessment, and risk visualization.

Single Platform

Provides powerful security and simplifies multi-cloud complexity by using a single cloud-native enforcement platform.

Extended Data Protection

Extends data protection by using the same DLP, malware detection and threat protection policies in Skyhigh CASB to simplify and accelerate adoption of cloud native applications.

Comprehensive Cloud Security

Comprehensive cloud security solution that protects data, assets, and applications from advanced security threats and cyberattacks across multi-cloud infrastructure.

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