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The right solution for your workstyle

Our workstyle research has identified 9 distinct personas of workers in all company sizes. With our persona-specific insights, we can match the right solution to all workstyles.

Frontline pros

These hands-on frontline workers interact with customers, train others, and perform manual, or machine assisted tasks. Communication happens usually via emails and/or audio calls.

Office independents

Office administrative staff handle physical documents and confidential data with a high proportion of focus time. They need easy-to-use tools to help them stay on top of it.

Office collaborator

Office collaborators handle a range of tasks, including content creation, administration, and leadership responsibilities. Their technology needs to be trustworthy and efficient.

Remote collaborators

Remote collaborators thrive in analytical and conceptual tasks. They seek to contribute intellectually to their teams. They mostly work from home and prioritize work-life balance.

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