IP Conference Phones

Premium smart conference phones

Hear and be heard with incredible clarity
Collaborate via audio, video, and more
Use your favorite platform to connect

A big idea for sharing big ideas

The talk around the table is that the team’s got a big idea. But do people dialed in know that?

Whether it’s via audio, video, or content sharing, Poly Trio conference phones give your teams the ability to clearly express and exchange ideas.

Compare IP conference phones

Trio 8300

All-in-one USB speakerphone for home offices

Turn any home office into a conference room

Connectivity: USB
Connects To: PC

Poly Trio 8800

Personal USB/Bluetooth smart speakerphone

Sound like the professional you are USB/Bluetooth

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
Connects To: PC, Mobile Phone

Poly Trio C60

Smart speakerphone for flexible/huddle rooms

Hassle-free with remarkable sound
Perfect for flexible and huddle workspaces

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
Connects To: PC, Mobile Phone

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