Poly: Powered by Pexip

The technology platform that delivers a unified experience in a flexible and scalable way while maintaining strict security protocols.

The Pexip Advantage

From 0 to 5000

Industry-leading user experience across all rooms and devices. A suite of on-premises and cloud-based communications solutions for privacy-conscious customers in government, and the public and private sector.

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer transitioned to Pexip-powered Cloud Video Interop (CVI) and went from 0 to 5000 monthly meetings. They replaced existing CVI and instantly gained new features and capabilities. And best of all – the transition happened over a single weekend.

Poly PrivateConnect

Powered by Pexip

On-premises or private cloud video infrastructure software for secure or air-gapped environments. With Poly PrivateConnect powered by Pexip you control everything. Infrastructure, security measures, and call and communications data. 

Poly CloudConnect

Powered by Pexip

Industry-leading multiplatform interoperability and video conferencing infrastructure in the cloud. Everything you need to operate your entire video conferencing environment on a modern cloud platform. Join any meeting with the touch of a button. Convenient, simple, secure, and flexible.


Powered by Pexip
A FedRAMP®-Authorized, SaaS-based video conferencing solution for U.S. federal, state, and local government organizations. Customers can securely join Microsoft Teams calls from standards-based video systems, all within a compliant cloud environment.

Poly video systems + Pexip’s secure infrastructure

Connectivity at the core, connecting anyone, anywhere, on any device

Flexible scale and resource consumption meeting user demand at a lower cost. Add more capacity anywhere at any time. Do not be constrained by an appliance or region.

Confidently deploy within the most secure environments protecting collaboration and data

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