Drive documentation productivity—all by voice

Put your voice to work to create reports, emails, forms and more with the all-new Dragon Professional Individual, v15.

Let Dragon Work for you

Makes Every Documentations Accurate

  • It recognizes frequently-used words to minimize corrections.
  • It automatically adapts on how details and features on your gadget appear.
  • Change formats such as bold, underlined, italic, and more using voice command.

Work Efficiently

  • Import and export custom word lists for acronyms and other business terminologies.
  • Complete complex business processes via simple voice command.

Manage Workflows

  • Create documents using voice command in any length without pausing.
  • Easily create form-based templates and fill out reports.
  • Import and export from cloud-based document-sharing tools like Dropbox.

Record Everything, Transcribe After

  • Finish transcriptions quickly and accurately without voice training required.
  • Transcribe from .wav, .mp3, .wma, .dss, .ds2 and .m4a file formats.