Micorosoft WSI 40th Anniversary

We’ve missed you. Office is better than ever.

70% of SMB customers buy Office through the same channel as their PC purchases.*

Customers replacing their Windows devices are also likely to buy Office 2021.


of small or medium-sized business customers have PCs that are more than four years old.

These customers are likely to purchase the latest version of Microsoft Office when they buy a new PC. Attaching Office to PC sales is a great upsell opportunity.

1 – Microsoft market research: Office Home & Business Small Business Research Report, February 2020
2 – TechAisle, SMB PC Study, 2019


of small or medium-sized business customers using Office Home & Business 2010 will likely upgrade.1

Suggest to your customers that now is a good time to upgrade their PC and get the latest version of Office so they can organize, create, and collaborate better than ever.

Top three reasons to sell more Office 2021

Increase revenue through
Office attach

Capturing all business opportunities through attaching Office to any PC sales. Leverage digital tools such as Office Attach Widget from Microsoft at no cost.

Distributor incentive opportunities

Distributor incentive opportunities

Increase sales of Office to qualify for incentive programs and enhance potential business success.

Increase customer engagement

Increase customer engagement

When your customers purchase Office from you, they are more likely to return for future upgrades.

Leverage the Office Attach Widget tool with no extra cost

The Office Attach Widget can increase profitability and help keep customers on your website longer by enabling customers to attach Office products directly from the device landing pages. 

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Sell genuine software

Microsoft Security Benefits

Security benefits

Save Money
Unlicensed software sometimes contains malware. Avoid the high cost of malware by choosing licensed software. It is estimated that businesses lose $10,000+ per device with unlicensed software.

Save Time
Avoid the potential loss of critical business data, files, and company information when unlicensed software is used.

Sales opportunities

Increasing frequency of cybersecurity threats means businesses are incentivized to purchase genuine licenses.

Counterfeit software means no support from Microsof.

Microsoft Windows Features

Windows features

Identity Protection with Windows Hello and Credential Guard.

Information Protection and BitLocker Encryption.

Breach Detection Investigation & Response with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Microsoft Office 2021 key benefits

Microsoft One-Time Purchase

One-time purchase

Purchase Office 2021 with a simple, one-time payment.

Install on one PC or Mac

Enjoy using Office 2021 for personal and business use.

Microsoft Office Modernize

Your Office, modernized

Updates to familiar productivity tools help customers stay organized, work together, and create content like a Pro.

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