Help ensure your customers can quickly and easily purchase Office from home.

Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) is the fastest and easiest way to sell Office today.

Electronic Software Distribution

What is ESD?

Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) enables digital distribution of software directly to your customer. Move away from FPP (Full Packaged Product) and box shipments, and towards product activation codes that are simple to use and offer instant downloads.

How does ESD work?

We make it easy for distributors to offer ESD to reseller partners with two simple options:

Reseller purchases Office activation codes from distributor

Resellers can easily purchase keys on behalf of the customer, directly from the distributor. Keys can be sent directly to the customer, or pass through the reseller.

Reseller hosts distributor shopping cart in web store

Distributors can host a shopping cart directly on reseller's web store to deliver activation codes. Keys pass from distributor to web store to customer providing a seamless experience.

Why ESD instead of

Your customers expect fast and easy delivery of the software they buy today. By offering ESD, your customers are more likely to purchase Office knowing they can avoid the delayed shipping of FPP by immediately downloading and installing Office.

Microsoft ESD No Inventory

No inventory

Reduce your carrying costs, or risk of theft, and eliminate dependency on physical supply chain logistics.

Microsoft ESD Instant, secure delivery

Instant, secure delivery

ESD is the best option to provide customers with immediate and secure delivery through digital distribution.

Microsoft ESD Lower transactional costs

Lower transactional costs

Eliminate labor and shipping costs per transaction while also limiting physical inventory management through digital distribution.

Reseller benefits:

Microsoft ESD Reseller Benefits


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Your Windows and Office product opportunities:

Modernize Office and Windows devices

Modernize Office and Windows devices

Get your customers on the most up-to-date perpetual Office version so they can enjoy the latest productivity features.

Increase Office Attach rates

Leverage tools and resources to attach Office sales to Windows device sales.

Convert counterfeit to Genuine

Convert counterfeit to Genuine

Improve security and reliability by getting customers to purchase genuine licenses.

Modernize Office and Windows devices

With support for Windows 7 ended and support for Office 2010 ending October 13, 2020, your customers may be running Microsoft software that is vulnerable and unsupported. Help ensure your customers are running the latest version of Windows and Office to help keep them secure and up-to-date with features not available in older versions.

Office Home & Business 2019 is the latest perpetual one-time purchase edition of Microsoft Office. It is ideal for small and medium businesses with 25 users or less.

Convert counterfeit to Genuine

Security benefits

Security benefits

• Save money
Avoid high costs of malware that comes with unlicensed software. It is estimated that businesses lose $10,000+ per device with unlicensed software1

• Save time
Avoid the potential loss of critical business data, files, and company information when unlicensed software is used

Sales opportunities

Sales opportunities

• According to IDC and BSA, estimates suggest 33% of software worldwide ould be counterfeit2

• Increasing frequency of cybersecurity threats means businesses are incentivized to purchase genuine licenses

• Counterfeit software means no support from Microsoft

Windows features

Windows features

• Identity Protection with Windows Hello and Credential Guard

• Info Protection and BitLocker Encryption

• Breach Detection Investigation & Response with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

  1. BSA Global Software Survey June 2018
  2. IDC – The Dangerous World of Counterfeit and Pirated Software March 2013

Why customers care about Office

msd esd benefits illustrator dark
Microsoft ESD Productivity


Your customers can get more work done with the Office apps they already know.

Microsoft ESD Collaboration


Help your customers work with their teams better and get more done. Help your customers work with their teams better and get more done.


Protect your customers from modern cyberthreats and risks.


Phone: +63 2 8858 5555

Address: 1005 Metropolitan Avenue, corner Kakarong St., Makati City, Philippines 1205

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