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What’s new in Microsoft Teams

July 2022

Remove calls from your call history list

Declutter your call history view by hiding calls from your list. To remove a call from your history, go to Calls  Audio call icon > History. Hover over the call you’d like to remove and select More actions  More actions icon > Remove from view.

Removing a call from your history applies to all of your devices. Admins can still retrieve call data from removed calls. To learn more, see View your call history in Teams

Shared channels bring ease to working together

Through Microsoft Teams, you can securely collaborate with partners outside your organization. Shared channels make it easier to collaborate with those inside and outside your organization. These also help your extended team to work effectively and efficiently. With shared channels you can schedule meetings, share files, and work together in apps without switching tenants.

To learn more, see What is a shared channel in Teams?

Join a meeting with an ID and passcode

You can now join a meeting via Teams on the web or the desktop app, using a meeting ID and passcode. Select # Join with an ID at the top of your Teams calendar. You’ll find the meeting ID and passcode in the meeting details tab or in the meeting invite.

To learn more, see Join a meeting in Teams

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