Evolve2 85

Keep your eyes on the prize – this headset is designed to help you focus and stay on your game, whether you’re concentrating or collaborating. You’ve got this.

Evolve2 75

The new standard for hybrid working. World-class audio engineering for industry-leading call quality.

Evolve2 65

Engineered to keep you agile. Work anywhere with superior wireless audio performance.

Evolve2 40

Engineered to keep you on task. Exceptional audio, outstanding noise isolation, superior comfort.

Evolve2 30

Engineered to keep you productive. Lightweight, portable, reliable, comfortable.

Evolve 80

Engineered to help you concentrate. Professional corded headset to boost your focus in the open office.

Evolve 75

Choose the Jabra Evolve 75 the best wireless headset for increased concentration in the open office with world class speakers & dual bluetooth connectivity.

Evolve 65

Professional wireless headset with dual connectivity and amazing sound for calls and music

Evolve 40

Professional headset for greater productivity and amazing sound for calls and music

Evolve 30/20

Professional headset with flexible connectivity and great sound for calls and music


Jabra Stealth, our debut next-generation Bluetooth headset is significantly smaller, lighter, more discreet and offers better comfort and longer talk time.

Perform 45

Jabra Perform 45 is a lightweight and discreet Bluetooth mono headset with up to 20 hours Push-to-Talk time, keeping retail store associates connected.

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