Secure your data

Are you concerned with the risk of a security breach in an ever changing landscape of threats and attacks? Do you need security built into everything?

We can help you to adopt a zero trust framework so that you can close gaps and reduce complexity. That’s built-in security, wisely done.

Meet the right security standards

The lifeblood of your business is the data you generate, transform, store, and move. Take a silicon-to-cloud approach to securing your data infrastructure spanning clouds, data centers, and edges while also helping to protect against ransomware attacks.

Ponemon Institute: Security strategies to defend against threats in complex edge-to-cloud environments

The lack of visibility and control over users and devices in your edge-to-cloud environments is widening the IT security gap. The 2023 Ponemon Institute study lists out security strategies that high-performing teams use to minimize hidden threats within their IT infrastructure.

Get security confident

Ultimately, security is about enabling risk to allow your business to grow confidently knowing that your valuable data and assets are protected against threats. We’re building security into everything we do to help protect your digital supply chain, embedding security technologies into HPE GreenLake to automatically attest to the integrity of your data infrastructure, making it easier to ensure security and compliance.

Security - We're all facing the same challenges

From cybersecurity skills shortages to expanding attack surfaces, from distributed data, to increasing demands for transparency from stakeholders – HPE believes cybersecurity has become a shared responsibility. As a single weak link can impact all of us. HPE GreenLake is deeply committed to security. This report shares the initiatives HPE launched in 2022 to secure the edge-to-cloud experience for our customers.

Continuous data protection

Attacks on your business are inevitable, but recovery is not. Minutes matter to you, your customers, and your shareholders. Getting back up and running quickly is now more critical than ever. HPE’s continuous data protection capabilities deliver always-on replication instead of periodic snapshots. You can “rewind” from incidents within a window of seconds, not just minutes. Our built-in encryption capabilities allow you to rest assured that your backup data is protected no matter where you place it.

Continuous data protection is the key to business survival

Ransomware attacks can cripple your business. A new approach called continuous data protection offers quick recovery from significant data losses.

Adopt the principles of a zero trust framework

Automated computing technologies will allow you to react to the needs of your global customers more quickly. But these technologies also enable attackers to just as easily compromise the fidelity of your data infrastructure without you even knowing they were there. With HPE GreenLake employing a zero trust-enabled architecture from edge to cloud, we “know” when something is malicious or insecure – continuously learning and adapting to stay ahead of emerging threats. We constantly and automatically verify the integrity of your hardware, operating systems, virtualization systems and workloads so that you can make timely security decisions.

Zero trust security: A new approach to security architecture

Cybercrimes cost the world trillions of dollars every year. Defend your business against relentless attacks with robust security solutions.

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