Create your hybrid cloud

Who said it has to be all or nothing? You need your path to the cloud.

A flexible solution that changes as your needs change, is ideal. You don’t have to choose—HPE GreenLake is the cloud that comes to you, your data centers, colos and edges. Choosing your own path to the cloud is hybrid cloud, wisely done.

Build your cloud, your way, with the cloud that comes to you

If you’re looking for a cloud solution with flexibility built-in so that you can start anywhere, put workloads where they make the most sense, look no further. Bring the cloud user experience and operating model to your apps and data wherever they are. HPE GreenLake is the cloud that comes to you.

Why shift to a hybrid cloud strategy?

Hear five IT leaders discuss the merits and potential of hybrid cloud in transforming your business.

Modernizing across multi-gen IT

To modernize multi-generational IT with speed and flexibility you need a cloud operating model for all your traditional, cloud-native, or mission-critical workloads, wherever they reside. HPE GreenLake can give you the scalability you need.

Find the right IT mix for your workloads

Are you building a cloud operating model to accommodate all workloads? A data-driven approach to workload placement can help.​

Make the most of your data

Do you have the ability to turn your raw data into actionable insights with unprecedented speed and agility? Harness the value of all your data, no matter where it lives, to open opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

If data has value, how much value does it have?

How do you tell the difference between data that is valuable and that which is worthless? There is more than one way to measure the value of your data.

Bring a unified cloud experience to all your workloads

You can have everything you like about the cloud operating experience and all the benefits of one platform across your factories, branches, private data centers, or colos.

Achieving a cloud-everywhere vision

Follow our eight steps to tackle immediate challenges and help turn your cloud-everywhere vision into reality.

Explore the ways HPE can help you open up opportunities across edge to cloud

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