Accelerate your Artificial Intelligence advantage

Are you looking to accelerate and optimize Artificial Intelligence to deliver real advantages for your organization, employees, and customers?

What if you could make it easier to manage your AI projects? From preparing your data, selecting or developing a model, training that model in a sustainable and scalable way, considering inference, and managing everything end to end. Accelerating generative AI can help you make your imagination a reality, delivering on the promise of AI. That’s unlocking the full potential of your data, wisely done.

Simplify your AI data pipeline

Getting an end-to-end view of your data and turning your AI strategy into a pipeline of well-planned projects is critical to delivering on their promise. Going from proof of concept, right through to production, turning all the data within your business into a strategic asset with AI, requires a new way of thinking about how you manage that pipeline throughout its lifecycle.

4 steps to deliver successful AI projects

Many enterprise AI models are never deployed. Four steps to help create AI solutions that allow you to unlock insights that drive business decisions.

Train and tune AI models faster

Time to market is challenging with AI. Training and tuning models faster requires you to bring together the software, supercomputing technologies and expertise that will allow your models to continuously adapt and learn autonomously, at scale.

How AI modeling and simulation accelerates new solutions to old problems

AI-powered simulations are transforming industries and societies. Find out how AI combines traditional modeling and simulation to deliver powerful tools for complex challenges.

Make your AI sustainable from the start

Large AI models require massive computing power and energy to train. For instance, in 2020, according to recent studies, it took 1,287 MWh to train GPT-31. Enough to power over 100 US homes for a year.2 That’s why sustainability must be built into every decision you make to train, tune and deploy your AI models. AI requires a holistic approach that prioritizes sustainability from the infrastructure and software, to where the models are trained and deployed run, and how they are powered and cooled with renewable energy.

Accelerate generative AI and large language models (LLM)

The promise of generative AI is beginning to be realized and will be transformational in advancing the way we live and work. But the models are huge and the data just keeps on growing. Accelerating the development of such large language models requires the removal of complexity and barriers to entry, in an optimal environment uniquely architected for AI.

AI explained

Everyone is talking Artificial Intelligence, or AI, but it can be difficult to understand its scope, scale, or how it actually works. And what are the immediate implications for your business?

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